different outlook on LeBron saga

7/16/2010 4:17:46 PM
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great article on LeBron that really made me rethink how I felt about the situation (I was one of the many people who felt he was punk who betrayed Cleveland and tarnished his chance at being the greatest ever, or at least better than Kobe)


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Good try by Ian Thomsen but I still dont buy it.

If you watched his documentary more than a game, he said his room in the apartment was covered with mostly MJ posters. For heaven sakes, he wore #23 coming out of HS in tribute to MJ which he has now changed bc he thinks #23 should be retired.  

Magic was the man, but he was drafted into that situation. Its not like he collaborated with Kareem and Worthy and said lets go play together. In fact, Magic elevated the games of Kareem and definately Worthy. Bosh and Wade are already established.

Fundamental values, last I checked you dont have to go play with two other stars just to define "teamwork." Kevin Durant tweeted today that everybody wants to now be buddy buddy. Whatever happened to competition? What happened to elevating the play of your teammates. Thats what truely great players do. Not go play with other good players. That isnt an example of sacrifice, this is an example of stacking your squad...


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well clearly Kareem was already established--he had won two MVPs

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Yeah but Magic came to the Lakers out of the draft.  It's not like he gave up on his team and hopped on someone else's bandwagon.  He came in as a rookie and left his mark despite having a top 5 player and greatest center of all time.  He carried the team even when Kareem was out.  Can LeBron carry that team if D-Wade goes down?  My guess is no.

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choze if you think he changed it cause he thinks 23 should be retired you are so wrong. he changed to have his own marketable number to further the "LeBron Brand"

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sorry but thats exactly why he changed to his number


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That's why he SAID that he changed his number, but it was likely more of an ego thing.  It's not that he thinks Jordan's number to be retired, it's just that he feels he has a better shot at being a better No. 6 than Bill Russell rather than a better No. 23 than Jordan.  LeBron can't be second best.  I refuse to give the guy the benefit of the doubt.  He's got way to big of an ego.

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More psycho babble from the posts on this thread.

If LBJ is such a punk for going Miami, then what about...

KG and Allen going to the Celtics to join Pierce?

Shaq leaving Penny and going to LA to be with Kobe then to Cleveland with LBJ?

Kareem going to LA to be with Magic and company?

Moses Malone going to Philadelphia to play with Dr J?

And countless other moves with quality (albeit lesser) players joining teams with quality players in an effort to win the Title.

What's the big difference here? LBJ is supposed to be the Alpha Male content only to have his own team and compete against the rest of the league while putting up 40 a night. Is that it? He's supposed to have that Kobe sized ego that wouldn't allow him to share the team with Shaq.

LBJ is put together differently. He has self confidence like every athlete at the professional level. Maybe more given what he has accomplished. But the guy has made his statement - he is a team oriented player first and it does not matter if he is perceived as The Man.

Will that tarnish his legacy? Did it tarnish the legacy of the guys above? LBJ is betting his legacy will made by winning championships on one the greatest teams in NBA history.

Barkley may not like it, but LBJ is right!



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I hate when idots talk about bball and dont know the history of the game...

How about KG and Allen were TRADED to Boston. How about Seattle got some guy name Kevin Durant and wanted to build the team around him. Minnesota did KG a favor the same way Washington did Jamison a favor when the sending him somewhere he could win a ring.

LA offered Shaq more money than ORL thats why he left. Kobe wasnt even Kobe so its not like he left to be with him. Besides James hometown is Cleveland and he embrassed them by holding a 60 minute special.

Kareem was already in LA so that point is invalid also. Not only was Kareem there. HE WAS THERE FOR FOUR SEASONS...

LeBron may not be wrong, but in the history of the ame, his championships will have an asterik. Goodbye stardom LeBron hello to being a role player, because Wade will have the ball in critical situation. You can bank on it...

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oh well if lebron said it and its on ESPN then it must be true. please, he needs his own number to make famous. can't keep living behind mj

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Erving, Ewing, and Russel all wore #6.  Granted none of them are on Jordan's level, but Christ if you wanna make a buck wear somethin that hasn't been done before.  Like 90 or some shif.

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Nike originally wanted Lebron to wear 9 because in the long run it would be more marketable then 23. He declined.

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Mamba you embarrassed yourself when talking about Kareem.  Kareem won a title with Milwaukee before he left for LA.  He was there years before Magic showed up.  Kareem > Magic.  I realize that Magic gets all the credit, but Kareem was no doubt the better basketball player.  He was the most dominant center of all time.  There's no comparison between him and LeBron.  Also, Kobe was a bench player when he first came into the league.  Shaq definitely didn't hop on a bench player's back.  Do your homework before you start shooting your mouth off.

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Also, Dr J was prepared to be another Marino/Barkley/Iverson until Malone showed up.  If Malone wanted to hop on a team for titles, he would've headed to Boston or LA.  KG headed to Boston via trade, and that team was the worst team in the NBA the previous season.  KG and Allen were veteran players trying to close out their careers with a ring or two and went to Boston and took that team from the outhouse to the penthouse.  Miami already has a champion in Wade, and don't say "he had Shaq" because he won that title as the alpha dog.  Shaq was a sidekick in that run.  Miami won 47 games last year and added an All-Star forward before LBJ made a decision.  All of a sudden an already good team with a proven champion picks up an All-Star PF to send them from good to great.  So Queen James decides to say, hey I'm not good enough to beat these guys no matter where I go, so I'll just team up with them.

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"Bosh and Wade are already established".  Since when has Bosh been established, he is a nice player but he has not taken Toronto to greatness either, he is a complimentary player #2 type like Pau Gasol.  Magic did not elevate Kareem game, maybe prolonged his career...

Funny everyone is treating Bosh like he a superstar...funny

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