How the decision affects the NBA

7/10/2010 3:46:00 PM
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A lot of people are saying the formation of this new Heat team hurts the NBA by concentrating so much talent on one team. I couldn't disagree more. The NBA has been at its best when there are great teams,  even when that means the bottom of the league suffers. The NBA loves rivalries and dynasties. I see some of both in the making.

The Heat and Lakers could very well meet in the finals for the next 2 to even 3 years. I think the Heat unseat the Celtics at the top of the East and develop that kind of Celtics-Lakers matchup like we saw in the 80s with two great, great teams going at it year after year. Then, in 2-3 years it will likely be the end of Kobe's career--the Oklahoma City Thunder will be in prime position to take their place in the West and challenge the Heat. 

At the same time, if Derrick Rose becomes the star that many think he will, the Bulls could very well be stepping up in a few years to challenge the Heat in the East. And who knows, maybe the Knicks get Carmelo and Chris Paul or Tony Parker next year and make it even more interesting in the East. And if we're getting into what-ifs, maybe the Blazers add another piece in the West and get into the mix.

The point is, there are some great teams in the making in the NBA. I think we could be entering some great years for the league. THAT IS, if they can figure out a new CBA and not shut down for any amount of time.

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The decision affects the NBA in a negative way because it shows that players have all the power.  That's never a good thing.  The fact that these three guys have been planning to do this since they were rookies and then successfully pulled it off is a little bit problematic for me.  These egotistical, arrogant bastards run the show.  Tell me how that's a good thing.

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The players have always had the power and this will never change.  These three (3) just were smart enough to pull it off, and found a team that had the cap room to sign them all.  They were not money DIVAS as many were in the past, and forced out others that could help them because they wanted the big pay check and took the entire Cap. In the past this would have happened if teams had the cap room, and many did not.  Miami and other teams were looking at the time players will become free agents, and looked at how close these three (3) were and hoped they could clear enough room to get two (2).  Miami got all three (3).  Miami gave away alot in picks and players for the future, so let’s see how it all shakes out before we put it down.  This is not the dream team, but three (3) very good players, and the league will be coming at them to let them know this will not be a cake walk to an NBA Championship.  Let’s let it play out.  You might be very surprised how it all unfolds.

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The way that this decision affects the NBA is that instead of selling a league, the NBA will now shift their attention to selling a team. No other major sports league makes their intentions known more than the NBA. Remember the LeBron vs. Kobe puppet advertising campaign from 2009 that started in February that was all supposed to climax in a Lakers-Cavs Finals? Remember when that all fell through and they looked like a bunch of chumps? I know that leagues want money and they know which matchups will generate most of it, but I don't remember a Clemens vs. Schilling being the MLB's primary advertising campaign that started before the playoffs even though MLB wanted/wants a Yankees-Red Sox ALCS every year. We will hear about the Miami Heat every single day the way that we used to hear about Jordan's Bulls. And the biggest way this changes the life of the fan is that the suspense of the game is gone. I know that no team ever has a championship in the bag, but this is the closest thing we've seen to it in a very long time. My biggest complaint is that the NBA is in a golden age right now. There is more incredible talent in the NBA than any other sport in the country right now. And instead of hearing about the wide variety of talent that exists around the entire league, we will now only hear about one team with the Lakers getting the occasional word in edgewise. So everyone like me who hates hearing about the same thing in the modern world of sports where there are literally an infinite number of things to talk about, prepare yourself for the next half decade of hearing about nothing but the following things as far as the NBA is concerned:

"Who's the star?"

"Is there a star?"

"Who's the face of the franchise?"

"Will these three who have always been the stars of their teams be able to coexist?"

"What does this championship do for LeBron James' legacy?"

"Does the presence of Wade and Bosh make LeBron's championship(s) less significant?"

"Is this the best team ever?"

"How would they stack up against Jordan's Bulls?"

"Is there disharmony between the Big Three?"

"Big Three trade rumors."

"How does the new CBA effect Miami's big three?"

"Can any of the Big Three be given the MVP award?"

"How do you stop the Big Three?"


The point is, bite the ball gag and bend over because the NBA and ESPN will be raping us with every little tidbit of information regarding the Miami Heat for a LONG time.

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This will definitely help the league in the next few years. Watching Kobe and the Lakers face off against Lebron/Wade and the Heat will be like watching Magic and Bird all over again. The league is at its best when there are 2 dominant/rival teams. The league was never more popular then it was when the Lakers and Celtics were facing off for multiple championships.

It could hurt the league once Kobe gets past him prime and the Heat are at a level so much higher then the rest of the league.

Which is why I hope that the Knicks can somehow land Carmelo and Chris Paul soon. Its very unlikely, I know, but if it happens the Knicks and Heat will be fierce rivals for years to come. Especially considering how New York feels about Lebron now, it would just add to it.


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I'm incline to agree with WLS on this subject.  We really don't know how this will play out over the years.  The three players for the Heat are happy now, but will they have that chemistry to take a team all the way to the finals and win? Will Pat Riley and the Staff be able to find role players that can work with them. Remember, this team is still incomplete and in my opinion Bosh is a good player, but not a great player yet. Unlike in the past where the Heat would have won the medium to easy games, you gotta remember that now they will have a bulls eye on their backs at every arena they play in, so it's possible that the games that they should or could have won in the past, they may now loose, because other teams will get up for them.  Remember what Jordan said after winning his 3rd ship, every game to the bulls were like a playoff game, because every team was gunning for them.  It a lot of wear and tear on the body and mind.  One last factor, how long can Leb*tch continue to play second fiddle to Wade.  He was always the man until now.  The is Wade's team, not Leb*tch team, and if they don't win after the second season, will they implode?  Like WLS said earlier, we are gonna have to ride this on out.

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The competitive landscape has changed but competition is not gone.

The formula for winning a championship may change, but it has been changing over the years anyway. In MJ's era, you needed two superstars and a solid supporting cast. The Big Three changed that but the transition was not as powerful because KG and Allen were nearing the end of their careers. Miami raised the bar with the Bigger Three assembling in their primes.

But it's too early to tell if this is a permanent change. A lot of things had to go exactly right for this to happen. First and foremost, a singe class of the top players in the League had contracts that ended at the same time. Then teams had to gut their roster to make room to pay them. That hasn't happened before.

The other thing is that this can be managed through the CBA. If the value of too many franchises drop because too many teams have no hope of being competitive, the League will change the CBA to legislate this type of talent collection out of existence or to allow other teams to catch up. I don't think it will happen.

I have always believed that the difference between superstars and stars at the professional level is much smaller than many understand. And the difference is as much mental as physical. Tiger's performance right now is probably the best example. By the start of the season, I expect Miami to appear unbeatable on paper. Riley will work some magic and assemble a cast capable of winning this year. But the League will adjust and Miami getting that first ring will be much tougher than it now appears. But even that won't be apparent until the playoffs when teams can game plan to stop them.

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